About I.A.M.F


“To serve and represent the interests of Israel’s Aerospace manufacturing firms with a single unified voice in the international markets.”

Welcome to the Israeli Aerospace Manufacturers Federation


The IAMF is the network for the international promotion of the aerospace industry of the State of Israel.

The goal of the IAMF is to strengthen and enhance the Israeli Aerospace Industry international awareness and competitiveness.


To this purpose, the IAMF promotes the national and international profiling of the State of Israel as key aerospace location and realizes new strategies and measures for the support of the Aerospace Industry.


The State of Israel Aerospace Industry has a great potential that has not yet been adequately acknowledged on the global market. This is why the IAMF initiative was launched by the BrightStar Group,  in association with the State of Israel and the Israeli Manufacturers Association.


These strengths of the aerospace industry will be further expanded by the IAMF with targeted measures in the areas of technology transfer, innovation, business location development and settlement.


In addition to this, the IAMF initiative also strives for active technology and knowledge transfer.


The focus of activities lies on added value for companies. The initiative also offers a broad portfolio of services in the areas of network management, project management, information and publicity work.


As a central contact for the economy, politics and the public, the IAMF develops and accompanies pioneering projects for the aviation and aerospace of the state of Israel.

Besides the marketing efforts for Israel as the best location to establish an R&D center– with foreign countries as an audience – the IAMF also offers local Aerospace Industry support to enlarge their footprint on international markets.


The IAMF commitment is therefore focused on the effort to reach out to the following key markets:



  • Europe: The IAMF, using its network of local representatives, has established a strong link with the major aerospace players and institutions in Europe

  • Asia: The emerging markets, especially India and China, who claim increasingly greater shares of the global aerospace industry. The IAMF is working diligently to strengthen the relationships with the major Asian and aerospace players and institutions in Europe

  • North America: North America still remains the world’s largest market for the aviation industry. Concerning the production volume, the USA is featuring the leading-edge locations. The IAMF has very strong relationship with Boeing and all its main subcontractors.



Board Commitee


David Harari Board Comittee Member
David Harari
Board Comittee Member



Dr. David Harari brings to the federation over 40 years of experience in the Aerospace field including Marketing, Business Development and R&D activities.


Dr. David Harari, current position is: General Manager of "Shaked Yarok" development LTD serves as a Consultant for Aerospace & High tech companies.


Prior to this, Dr. Harari held several prestigious positions in (IAI) Israel Aircraft Industries. David's final nomination was President of IAI's European subsidiary, European Advanced Technologies (EAT), located in the European headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.


Prior to that, Dr. Harari was IAI's Corporate Deputy Vice President for Research and Development.

Dr. Harari joined IAI in 1970, as Head of the Reliability Department in the company's Engineering Division. In 1977, he was appointed Program Manager for development and manufacturing of IAI's various Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) systems.


Dr. Harari has received the following awards: Israel Defense Award (1981), Israel Marketing Award (1991), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles International Pioneer Award (1991), and an Award of Merit (Ordre Nationale du Merite) from the Government of France (1997), listed by the "Industries et Technique" French magazine as one of the scientist that has most influenced the scientific world in the last decades (1998), Awarded for life accomplishment from the Israeli Engineers Federation in 2011.


Dr. Harari received the Israel Prize in the field of exact sciences; this award handed out by the State of Israel, is largely regarded as the state's highest honor.


Dr. Harari is an Electrical Engineer, and has a Ph.D. degree in Physics and computer systems engineering from Paris University, France.

Executive Managers


Jonathan Lison Managing Director
Jonathan Lison
Managing Director 



  • 20 years of sales and marketing leadership experience with technology start-ups and established communications companies.


  • VP Sales at Jungo, VP Strategic Sales at Crescendo Networks, VP Business Development at Bamboo MediaCasting, Consultant to the CEO of StarHome, VP Sales and Marketing at Radwiz, Senior sales & marketing position at ECI Telecom (Nasdaq: ECIL)


  • Holds an MBA in International Marketing from Schiller International University, Paris and a B.Sc.EE degree from Ben-Gurion University.


Sebastien Adjiman Managing Director
Sebastien Adjiman
Managing Director 



  • Over 10 years of experience in International Business Development, International Ventures and Investments.

  • Partner at P.O.C. Investments, founder and CEO of MKT, a consulting company based in Paris International Business Development for Comverse.

  • Holds a BA in Computer Science and Business Administration, Tel Aviv College.

  • Sebastien is a board member of the Chamber of Commerce Israel - France