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Kanfit Logo

Kanfit Ltd

Hybrid Aero-structures


Kanfit is a built to spec, aerospace engineering development and production company, that specializes in manufacturing, combination and integration of composite and metal products under one roof. 


We offer a cost effective A to Z turnkey solution, operating as a one stop shop to assist our customers to reduce their overhead cost of supply chain logistical management and save resources. 


Kanfit has very advanced capabilities in RTM and Hybrid aero-structures. Kanfit quality assurance system is AS9100C and ISO9001:2008 certified. 


We have NADCAP certification for Heat Treatment and Boeing & AgustaWestland qualifications. Our projects include aero-structures for: Gulfstream G150 and G280, 737, 787, A320, Typhoon, AB212, F15, F16, F18, Heron UAV, RTM chaff and flare magazines, Missiles and bombs parts, Airborne and space antennas, tools, etc. Kanfit is active in the medical device industry where there is a growing demand for hybrid structures.

Orlite Industries

Orlite Industries Ltd

Composite Materials


Orlite Industries Ltd. (established in 1959) is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry of composite material based  components and assemblies. Orlite is a part of Inrom Group, a leading industrial Group in Israel.

Located in Ness-Ziona industrial  zone on 150,000 sq. ft./15000 Sq meters. 
Orlite manufacture aircraft Interiors such as kits for Passenger to Freight Aircraft Conversion, helicopter seat buckets  Aircraft ECS & Drain Ducts with any number of inlet and outlet ports in “one shot process”.  


Aircraft structural parts such as fairings, doors, and air-scoop. 
Radomes for business jets, UAVs and other applications.  Pilot Helmets, shells for pilot helmets.

Mechano Deen Logo

Mechano-Deen Ltd

Aerospace Machining


Mechano-Deen is a leading Israeli company in the field of CNC machining. Established back in 1960,the company is acquiring  experience and new knowledge, keeping itself up-to-date with the latest and state-of-the-art technology.


We are able to provide  serial production and assembly services with complete logistic and operational support. 


Mechano-Deen has a unique automation production system that serve 3 CNC machine and 1 CMM as one cell unit. A unique  software compares post production measurement results to the part nominal feature values and calculates the modifications required  in the machining NC program in order to correct errors and deviations by changing the actual G-Code in the NC controller.


R&Deen - the development department in Mechano-Deen integrate the finest Electrical and Mechanical engineers, our activities include  Electro-Mechanical BTP and BTS turnkey projects for example Slip-Ring systems.

Matechet Carmel Logo

Matechet-Carmel Ltd.

Aerospace Machining


Matechet Carmel Ltd. is a family-owned company, established in 1954 by Mr. Ervin Singer. Today, the company is managed by the family’s second generation. 

Matechet Carmel operates a 3000m2 plant, located in the new Ziporit Industrial Park near the Sea of Galilee, Israel. 

Matechet Carmel employs a range of advanced METAL FORMING technologies: Stamping, Progressive Stamping, Deep Drawing, Spinning, Welding and Surface Treatment. As a subcontractor, the company specializes in precision custom-made components. 

Matechet Carmel manufactures a wide array of products from a variety of metals, including aluminium, stainless steel, low carbon steel, nickel, nickel alloys and aerospace material. 

Matechet Carmel specializes in the design and manufacture of tools & dies for the metal forming industry. 

Matechet Carmel employs 70 team members in the following departments: Engineering, Machine Shop, Production, Sub-assembly and QA, in compliance with standards AS 9100 and ISO 9001.

Avco Logo

Avco System Integration Ltd

Aerospace Machining


Avco System Integration Ltd. Was established in 1969. 
From a low volume company Avco has grown to be one of  the leading metal works facilities in Israel. Avco is an advanced metalwork enterprise, excelling in CNC precision machiningand manufacturing parts and assemblies for the aviation, high-tech and medical industries. 


With over 40 years of professional experience Avco is able to meet complex technological challenges and carry out full turnkey projects – on time and at competitive prices. 

*Avco is certified and complies to AS9100C & ISO9001/2008 by implementing excellence & quality culture 

Production Engineering: 
*Striving for effective machining solution through software such as: Solid Works/Cam and Catia 

Production capacity & versatility: 
*A fleet of 45 machining center of which seven are five simultaneous axis.

Tirosh David Quality Casting Logo

Tirosh David Quality Casting Ltd.

Aerospace Molding


Founded in 1979, Tirosh David Quality Castings Group is a global solution provider for aerospace casting technologies. 

The company specializes in manufacturing premium quality aluminum precision sand and investment castings.


We have mastered producing large and complex castings with high strength, close tolerances, and near perfect integrity, primarily for aerospace and defense applications.


Our quality systems management and equipment meet the highest international standards of quality:NADCAP + AS9100

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Axis Logo

Axis Mechanical Design Ltd

Engineering Services


Axis is a mechanical design company that specializes in the civil aviation and defense industries. The company was founded by mechanical engineers who worked for many years in leading companies in the aviation and defense industries.


Axis’ accumulated knowledge is implemented by using international standards along the project life cycle, from issuing a quote to the final stages of design and development. Our project management meets international standards and quality, and focuses on establishing a common language and reducing risks for the customer. 

Our service focuses on bringing an added value to the customer by offering an initial concept, a risk reduction plan and work plan as early as the quote – this broad view reduces the customer’s uncertainty at an early stage of the project.


Ofek Logo

Ofek Metal Machining

Aerospace Machining


Ofek Metal Machining- Since 1997 one of the leading CNC machines industries in Israel for producing parts and Sub-Assemblies to main companies all over the world.

Ofek  specializes  with manufacturing  items  and assemblies for  Civil aircraft   and Medical devices :  
Manifolds , Bearing  Housing , Flight control parts, Cylinders, pistons, shafts, etc. 

Main Programs: Boeing 787-7/8, 747 , Airbus : A350 , GulfStream : G650 , G280 , G150

Ofek provides the customer with a full service = engineering development, prototypes, production and assembly up to the finished product

Our Uniqueness: 

  • One stop supplier for Aviation parts and sub-assemblies, under one roof we have comprehensive capabilities. 

  • Special Solutions for sophisticated parts requiring special materials, unconventional production machining.  Specially for the Boeing and Airbus companies

  • Fast response for prototypes, emergencies (AOG) and small quantities. 

  • A strategic suppliers for Boeing, Airbus and  Gulfstream. 

  • Competitiveness: Knowledge, experience, professionalism and quality which makes us competitive partner for our customers. 

Our products: 

  • Hi technology machined parts. 4 and 5 axis machines

  • Integrated assemblies of civil Airplanes and Medical devises  components ,including: Complex Machined parts 

Rotem Metal Work Logo

Rotem Metal Work Ltd.

Aerospace Machining


Rotem Metal Work Ltd. was established in 1999 by its founder and owner, Mr. Maymon Sigron who has extensive experience since 1977. 


The company brings together under one roof solutions for diverse applications such as engineering development, procurement solutions in Israel and abroad, processing precise machining, milling, engraving, assembling mechanical and electro - mechanical systems, from a single item production to the delivery of complex products to the customer. 


Rotem Metal Works expertise:

  • Nano Satellite: Produces parts for Nano Satellite, which needs very high quality (±microns). 

  • Tracking System: Construction of electro-mechanical assemblies, for tracking satellites when mounted on ships. The tracking systems are with very high levels of accuracy and under the strictest standards available in the market. 

  • Aerospace domain: Years of experience in delivering certified parts such as: Cargo winches, Wing parts and more, in the field of civil and military aviation.